Funding period 2007-2013



The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance is a new assistance method for the period  2007 – 2013 replacing previous programmes CARDS, PHARE, ISPA and SAPARD.

The IPA instrument has been established by Council Regulation nr. 1085/2006 with a total budget of 11,468 billion Euros.

The main goals of the IPA programme are providing assistance to candidate countries and potential candidate countries in harmonizing their legislation with the EU acquis, in implementing EU regulations and preparing for the use of structural funds.

The Republic of Croatia has been an IPA beneficiary since 2007 and will remain so until full accession to the EU. Overall coordination of the IPA programme in Croatia has been entrusted to the Central Office for Development Strategy and EU Funding Coordination (Središnji državni ured za razvojnu strategiju i koordinaciju fondova Europske unije - SDURF), whereas the Ministry of Finance is in charge of financial management.

The IPA instrument envisages the following five components:

 1.Transition assistance and institution building

 2.Cross-border cooperation

 3.Regional development

 4.Human potential development

 5.Rural development